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Soccer-industry magnate Franz travels to Addis Ababa as part of a campaign promoting his sport as a fountain of hope to humanity.

For Admassu, a 12-year old street kid, the chance to show off his artistry on the ball to the big boss himself seems like a magic door to a future as a soccer pro. When Franz ignores him, Admassu talks a group of halfwit thugs into kidnapping Franz. His real plan, though, is to come up as the football bosses liberator –  finally opening the door to soccer heaven.

But nothing goes as planned, and all of a sudden the two of them find themselves lost in the middle of the Ethiopian wilderness. As Admassu struggles to deliver Franz back to the city, the two natural born schemers find themselves in a curious vexing game, where the roles of helper and needy invert time and again.

The DVD includes various bonus material such as a making-of mini documentary, a music video with Henok Tadele as singer, a welcome speech from our young star of the film and much more. As the DVD has a wide variety of subtitles the film is suitable for a world wide audience.

When ordering the DVD via our website we include an autograph card from our Ethiopian star Henok Tadele as a gift.

Please be aware that this DVD is in PAL and has Region Code 2 {Europe (Central Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe), Western Asia, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland, British Overseas Territories, British Crown Dependencies, French Overseas departments and territories}

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DVD Product Description

TitleHorizon Beautiful
DirectorStefan Jäger
CastStefan Gubser
Henok Tadele
Rahel Teshome
Kenny Allen
English for the hearing impaired
Amharic & English
Duration88 Minutes
Aspect Ratio16:9
Region CodePAL 2